(02-25) Frequencies V: Siamese Floater / Luke Dahl / Kentucky Fitz @ The Ante Room

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Its been a while since there has been a Frequencies event in town so its nice to see that tonight at The Anteroom one is going down and as always it should be a solid night of electronic bangers and sick ass jams. On the bill for the night we have local artists Siamese Floater who like I literally just mentioned in the post before makes real amazing techno spiced avant grade beat jams that are crazy sweet . Also on the bill is local talent Luke Dahl who sound is very inspired by 90s house but with a lots of modern noise tendencies and spaced out vibes. Also on board from the far away distances Richmond Virginia we have Kentucky Fitz who himself makes some stellar modular dance jams that like the rest of the bill is totally catchy and totally noisey. Doors for this are at 8PM and this sucker costs $$FIVE$$.

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(02-16) Siamese Floater / In Sontius Lux / Ryan Maguire @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

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We’ve got a pretty good one going on tonight over at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Katie Wood who recently took over the reins booking at the space and has been keeping the spirit alive their with some some real solid shows and tonight is no exception. Headlining this is local champ Siamese Floater who makes real amazing techno fused sound pieces that are very atmospheric and mesmerizing. He always put on pretty stealler sets and tonight should not be any different. Rounding up the bill we have In Sontius Lux from Atlanta who make very sonic and explorative ambient jams with a Hang instrument and some sort of Rock esc backing ensemble. Music has a very rambling laid back vibe channeling something almost Laraaji like. Their set should defiantly be something really chill and quite mesmerizing. Also on the bill is local talent Ryan Maguire who who has been for years putting together amazing sprawling guitar and electronic based fuzzed ambient pieces, which like the rest of this show it has a very heavy but relaxed vibe that is quite hypnotic and impressive.


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Cornor Extravaganza // January 28-29th 2016

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So something totally crazy is happening in tonight and tomorrow (January 28th & 29th respectfully). There are back to back reasons to head on up to the corner to catch some real awesome music. This is something I don’t think I have seen since the glorious year of 2007 when we still had the Satellite Ballroom up their and it was slaying it real hard. Anyway def check these one out cause both should be really tight experiences.

On Thursday thanks to WTJX and UVA we have a real sick show happening at the UVA Chapel. Headlining this from Asheville is Elvis Depressidley who makes some real solid fuzzed out rock that from its name you can easily guess has a somewhat downcast vibe but with his music he creates great atmospheric shoe gazed rock that is full of lots of electronic blissed out sounds and noise tendencies. Their record New Alhambra that came out last year was one of the more enjoyable straight rock albums to come out of the year so its totally sweet they are coming to Charlottesville to do their thing. While their being on the bill is already worth the price of admission also playing is Ricky Eat Acid from Maryland that makes solid new age ambient dance music that has a very organic collage like feel to it and is definitely mega chill. Rounding up the bill is Brooklyn’s Cende that makes your a typical power poppy punk garage rock type of thing. Anyhow this show starts at 7PM and is $$14$$

Now on Friday Over at Old Cabel Hall the Jack Quartet who are a real amazing stringed quarter focused on presenting modern works. Lets be honest I am barley qualified to talked about which is classical esc music but from checking out this material their sound is very much in vein of lots of droned and ambient types of music. This looks to be a very fun event and with this being free it should be a no brainer that you should be at this one. The show starts at 8PM and as stated before is FREE.

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// January 21st 2016 // Plutonian Burrito // Those Darlins //

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So before Snowmageddon 2016 hits us fine folks of Charlottesville you should definitely get out of the house and enjoy some time with your fellow man. There are two real solid shows are going on down tonight and both of different variates so there is maybe just a chance you’ll be interested in one of this things.

Over at the IX Art Park at Henleys Auctions we have Plutonian Burrito coming all the way from the exotic lands of Panema City, Flordia to bring some bizarro noise improve jams that will be accompanied by a movie that they made to go along with said noise sounds. Expect something pretty far out they may also have a few dad jokes with it. Opening the show we have Charlottesville’s Golden Glasses who I haven’t seen play in like ages but is one of the best percusanisnts in town and makes the sickest solo noisey rock jams around. Also on the bill we have TT+PB which I literally have no idea what it is but from the glorious of Facebook it is described as “electro+acoustic+magnetic+time”. Then we also have local noise maker The Transients who will do something frustrating in the best way possible. This show starts round 9ish and lets say its $$5$$.

Now over at The Southern we have something that is less on the absurd side in more in the popped out folk rock vein. Coming from Nashville Those Darlins have stopped trough Charlottesville what seems like mulitple times and while I never did see them then, and quite honestly probably won’t be seeing them tonight but I always heard they put on a fun show. This is their final tour as a band so this is your chance people to catch it while you can, cause literally this is it supposedly. Opening for them is Idle Bloom who are also from Nashville and sound a lot of syrupy psych rock mixed with 90s lilllith fair angst vibes, and that is a good thing. This show starts at 9PM and will be $$12$$.

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Folk-Lords Helado Negro Saturn Friday Ante

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Friday, January 8th @Anteroom: Folk-Lords / Helado Negro / The Voice of Saturn  8:00, $10

Last August I wrote about an upcoming Folk-Lords show, predicting goodness. And indeed goodness came, in abundance, like a gentle storm from heaven, and everyone was gladdened, and washed clean, and all was well. Waynesboro-bred jazz hero Jason Ajemian and his crew of adventurous fellow-travelers brought all kinds of dense, chunky, swirling sonic satisfactions as well as good spirits and a generously anti-zombie point of view. It was one of the best shows I saw last year, and far better than most of the ones I did not see as well.

I have not yet made it to a Helado Negro performance, though he too is no stranger to Charlottesville. Google records indicate he played at the Tea Bazaar back in 2009 ( sharing the bill with… Jason Ajemian) as well as a few times since. He generally seems to sing to his own electronic tracks, to great effect and giving much pleasure to the people (or gente), but I have received a tweet from Baltimore which suggests that Folk-Lords are backing him on this tour, which should a stirring and flavorful delight.

There is no way this show is not worth your time and your Hamilton, so any further further comment or exhortation would be superfluous.



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(((Best Of 2015)))

December 27th, 2015 · 5 Comments · By


So its that time of year again where lots of blogs throw out personalized lists giving there two cents about what they thought summed the whole dang year. Well somebody from the Nagilgun team had to go up to bat on such an endeavor so here we go with it. Gonna keep this one short and sweet on this one cause I want to get back to drinking way too much egg nog and taking naps. Feel free to post comments or complaints below or maybe even your own lists of what you got down with this year.


(10) Container: LP

Totally sick 80s throwback high sound noise techno at its finest. Lots of tight distortion and chaos in the sound of this album that is done in such a catchy and perfect way that is literally just melts your brain. One of the finest party records of the year. A dance classic for sure.

(9) Matana Roberts: COIN COIN Chapter Three: River Run Thee

The third installment of Matana Robertes supposed twelve part series of trying to explore and trace her role in life as a African American woman in the USA is an album that is an absolutely fascinating and mesmerizing jazz record that is an heavy hitting droned out journey trying to understand and contextualize the chaos that is life in the USA. For real this album is as haunting and beautiful as it is is unrelenting. An extremely unique record and one that shouldn’t be slept on.

(8) Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: A Year With 13 Moons

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has been killing it for a while but with his new release he really ups the game with a real amazing popped out droned out electronics albums that that is the perfect concoction of noisey dance chillness. Think MBV Loveless blissed out sound being combined with new age slash/dash dance.

(7) Eyeliner: Buy Now

Many have done it before, pretended the early 90’s have never ended but none have done it with quite such a smooth sound and with as much pizzazz than Eyeliner has on his new album this year. Just let all your cares go and jam out to some killer tunes throwing back to your youthful days of trying to get all those damn Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 2 while you devour down some Echo Cooler Hi C juice packs. Easily this years best lounge about album and anti anxiety remedy for sure.

(6) John Wiese: Deviate From Balance

Its been another year so of course what a surprise that we yet again have an amazing John Wiese album in are hands. Easily one of the best modern composers of are time and he still just does the most impressive job of creating these real integrate and erratic sound works that almost act like an avant grade jazz piece but with their own organic and unique style. This new album of one of his best in ages and is a real amazing listen.

(5) Zs: Xe

Ever since Zs has brought Greg Fox into the fold with this project they have literally re resurrected what was one of the better freak out acts of the 2000’s. Their new album expands on the sound of their impressive 2013’s Grain to create the most hypnotic and raw new age jazz on this side of the earth. This album is just the ultimate banger of the year. Also OMG Greg Fox is still just the best drummer around right now.

(4) Wolf Eyes: I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces

Oh Wolf Eyes has yet another amazing album what a shock. Their new album of Jack White’s Third Man Records continues their tradition of being the kings of irreverent noise rock/trip metal and with I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces they have put out quite easily this years best rock head fuck of an album. Nothing much different in the game these guys are playing, they have just mastered what it is that they do, which is not giving a fuck what you think cause they are going to do their own thing.

(3) Oneohtrix Point Never: Garden Of Delete

The king of give and take dance music is back this year with one of his most impressive statements to date. Oneotrix is still doing his thing of exploring what it means to exist in a digital/whatever bullshit age but with a way more of an industrial rock hit to it that creates an absolutely anxiety drenched affair that is just down right erratic and fractured but is also so damn catchy that you can’t help coming back for more and more.

(2) Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp A Butterfly

Seriously what more can be said about this one. Easily the best big time LP since Outkast’s Stankonia. I have nothing to add to the conversation. You’ve all heard the album, you know how sick it is.

(1) Prurient: Frozen Niagra Falls

Oh my fucking lord what a heavy album this one is. I had honestly kinda written off Prurient being able to slay this hard ever since he started getting caught up in things like Cold Cave and other dark wave jams but with this really he has put out not only one of his best albums in his already insanely heavy count of a discography but also just of the the best albums to grace this decade so far. If your in the mood for soul crushed introspective noise electronic sound pieces that almost perfectly fits the absolute confusion and destruction that is this totally blessed 2k10’s than this is the album for you. Maybe not the most popular choice but no album hit me so hard and had me always wanting to give it another spin to explore its many depths more than this one.


Here was a bunch of really sick shows I went to this year. I know I missed a bunch of awesome stuff that happened in town because I live the restaurant worker dream life so what can you do. But here is a list of some awesome things that mostly went down in Charlottesville in 2015.


(01-03) Gel Set / The Voice Of Saturn / MC NASDAC / Nu Depth @ Magnolia
(01-09) Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band / Elisa Ambrogio / Nathan Bowles @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
(02-05) Chiffon / Eu1ogy / Nu Depth @ Ix Art Park
(02-09) Diane Cluck / Jeffrey Lewis @ Magnolia
(02-26) Microkingdom / Ming Ming / Prance @ Magnolia
(03-08) Darsombra / Claim Culture / Buck Gooter @ The Anteroom
(03-10) Onwe / Nicholas Nicholas / Ming Ming / Nu Depth @ Al Hamraa
(03-31) Fountainsun / The Voice Of Saturn / Grand Banks @ The Anteroom
(04-02) Grouper / Julianna Barwick @ UVA Chapel
(04-10) The Extraordinaries / Katie Bollinger @ Magnolia
(04-13) Sir Richard Bishop / Robert Millis @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
(04-14) Netural Milk Hotel / Dot Wiggin Band @ The Jefferson (For real Dot Wiggin was the best set I saw all this year. I will fight anybody about this).
(04-25) The Antlers / Teen @ The Jefferson
(05-20) Beck @ Charlottesville Pavillion
(05-23) Gobby / The Voice Of Saturn / Nu Depth / Ming Ming / Doofgoblin @ Henleys Auction
(06-20) D’Angelo @ The Norva (Norfolk)
(06-23) Paul McCartney @ JPJ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgPMjwcVwGc)
(07-29) Matthew E. White @ The Southern
(09-06) Psychic TV / Corse Light / Mutwawa @ Strange Matter (Richmond)
(09-08-09-10) Hopsoctch Music Festival (Lawrence English, Godspeed Your Black Emperor, Prurient, Pusha T, ETC ETC ETC ETC) (Raleigh)
(09-16) Kevin Greenspon / Grand Banks @ Henleys Auction
(10-12) Weyes Blood @ The Southern
(10-26) Modest Mouse @ Charlottesville Pavillion
(11-06) Wolf Eyes / Daggering / Mutwawa / Author & Punisher @ Strange Matter (Richmond)
(12-12) Arms & Sleepers / Brian Moon / Siamese Floater / The Voice Of Saturn @ Henleys Auction


keep it real cville // catch ya in 2016

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Lights, Carols, Secret Shags: Christmastime Again

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Like a sick man’s first forays back again in the stomping strolling sashaying world of sunlit commerce, let this post be brief, slippered, and aided by a stout stick. This site was down for a time, and even longer than that I was gone from it,– it would be unwise to return leapingly. So it is Friday, the 11th,  and there are some things going on. There is “Let There Be Light” at PVCC tonight, when our local cranks and artists and inventors ingeniously illuminate the grounds of the college, bringing a delight all out of proportion to the means deployed. There is no holier day on the C’ville civic calendar than this, and any citizen who does not attend at least once in life will stripped of all honors in death, and buried vertically, head-down, in unmarked, unconsecrated ground. There also a Christmas caroling starting over at The Garage. As long as there is caroling, civilization endures. If it falls, will it be your fault, you songless bastard?

Later into the evening the party continues at The Anteroom, as The Secret Storm and Shagwüf once again combine to classic effect, like some kind of food and another kind of food, or maybe a wine, both tasty and deep and generously provided. Lauren Hoffman has a useful timeline for the show:

To help you plan your evening: 
8pm – Doors/drinks/find a buddy
9pm – Gild The Mourn
9:50 – Shagwüf
10:45 – The Secret Storm
11:40 – scream for an encore
11:50 – buy all the merch
12am – high fives!

And don’t too easily pass on the DJ set by Gild The Mourn, a duo that includes one of Charlottesville greatest goth legends!

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(11-20) Thomas Kozumplik / Siamese Floater / Lycanthrope @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

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Charlottesville is on a streak recently with having some really tight electronic shows and tonight a sick looking one is going on over at the Tea Bazaar that is defiantly worth checking out. Headlining the bill for this is Thomas Kozumplik of Loop 2.4.3. who played the Tea Bazaar early this year which from what I hear was a real excellent show and his solo material continues on the similar path as Loop 2.4.3. by producing laid back yet explorative percussion music that is quite meditative and transcendent. Opening this show we have both local talent Siamese Floater that does electronic music that is a mix of Boards Of Canada like smoothness with new age electronic house vibes as well as Richmonds Lycanthrope who does excellent mad harsh ambient music that just abousltly slays. This show is 7 bucks starts at 9PM and is what you should be doing with your evening for sure.

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(11-15) New Boss / K N D R G R D N / The Trust Circle @ Henley’s Auction House

November 15th, 2015 · Comments Off on (11-15) New Boss / K N D R G R D N / The Trust Circle @ Henley’s Auction House · By

Going on tonight we have a Charlottesville throw down of sorts with 3 local acts coming together for fun evening of music at Henley’s Auction House (which is in the IX Art Park). Headlining this evening is one of Charlottesville’s finest Rock act New Boss who more than likely you have already seen play around town before but if not they do tight popped out Alt Rock that is both real catchy and hard hitting. Also on board this evening is K N D R G R D N (EX Kindergarden) who continue the theme of the evening of popped out Rock N’ Roll but with a little bit of a more Punky delivery and a splash of New Wavy undertones. Finishing up the bill is The Trust Circle who I’ve never seen before but from internet listening seems to be a mixed bag of Hard Rocked Pop Punked Emo esc music. So yeah if you want some Rock N’ Roll in your Sunday night then really there is no better show or any other show going on for it so yeah this is where you should go. Doors are at 8pm show is at 9pm and this thing is like $$5$$

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(11-11) Frequencies IV: Wume / Kino Fists / This Hollow Machine @ The Ante Room

November 11th, 2015 · 1 Comment · By

The mostly monthly electronic series Frequencies is back tonight at The Ante Room and this show is looking to be as usual with this series to be a really incredible and fun evening. Heading this show is Wume from Baltimore who do some sick modern like Krautrock vibe electronic music that is very spaced out and hypnotizing. Also playing on this show is local based Kino Fists who does nice popped out electronic dance jams as well as This Hollow Machine who is also from this Charlottesville town and makes some mad rad sonically explosive noisy jams that sound super tight and frizzed out. Show stats at 8PM and this thing is $$5$$

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