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Here are more extensive descriptions of AIH and The Blow from the T-Rock newsletter:


This 8-piece Melbourne collective could score a Miyazaki film about Carebears, and whisper-sing through half of their songs, all while rolling deeper than Wu-Tang. On their debut, Fingers Crossed, Australian octet Architecture In Helsinki adorably stumbled their way through loose interplay, lyrics steeped in wide-eyed simplicity and giddy pop anthems that floated like carefree dreams through a foreign land. Thankfully, endless international touring and adoration of fans like David Byrne and Death Cab hasn’t slowed them down or hardened them one bit. If anything, these whiz kids of Oz are more ecstatic than before on their second album, In Case We Die.


The Blow is a performance art meets pop music extravaganza created by Khaela Maricich. She works in the cracks between pop music and performance art, bouncing between the genres to suck out the juicier parts of either world. Under the banner of The Blow, (currently with bandmate Jona Bechtolt), Maricich has released five albums of music, crossing styles from folk to electronic radio style hits. She is currently the artist in residence at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. The Blow is on K Records in the U.S. and TomLab in Europe.”

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