Barling & Collins’ “New World Odor”

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The opening lyrics to Barling Collin’s sophomore album represent the true class of their lyrical prowess: “I don’t need no penis creme.” New World Odor pushes the immediate message that B.C. is something special. The opening track “SPAM” tells us what this dynamic guitar-cello duo is all about: lighthearted, spunky, fun music. There are countless, wonderfully, eccentric topics throughout this project. Just when you think you’ve heard the most absurd and spastic lines yet, the band amazes you. Along with their wild lyrics, the band brings a refreshing sound to their bluesy-folky production with the wonderful works of Brandon Collins’ cello. Hearing that classic-blues, flat 5, pentatonic scale over Stephen Barling’s acoustic guitar amazes me every time I hear the third track from the album, “Pissed-Off Shit and Tits.” However, this bizarre song does in fact have a beautiful melody backed with emotional and passionate vocals. The loony lyrics on “Sexually Attractive” juxtapose the will of a horny couch-potato, and a man questioning his confidence and the love of his partner: 

“If I sit on the sofa for a couple more years

spend all my money on porno and beers

I know you’d still like me, but what would you say

would you still find me sexually attractive?”

This track leans into the slightly more insecure, vulnerable side of B.C. but maintains the laughable, lovable, quirky lyrics. The band next submerges into an emotional and beautiful love ballad, “Lay Me Down.” This style of songwriting shows the diversity of the group. Varying from arm wrestling competitions and literal cats on the bed, the band transforms into the hopeless romantic: 

“So come on lay me down once again

We been singin’ ’bout those stories, talkin’ ’bout those songs

Come on, lay me down

I’ll be bringing you those roses in the dawn.”

The band then quickly resurfaces into their comedic and mocking style on “Musician so Stupid.” The final three tracks on the album again show the sensitive side of the group. This amazing duo shows their capability to find the joy in the benign. This album is an absurd and charismatic masterpiece. Their impulsive truth on both delicate and comedic, genetal-related matters shows their true idea of music: fun. Whether it be an emotional outlet, or a comedic landscape, Charlottesville based Stephen Barling and Brandon Collins create a sonic dreamland on New World Odor.

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