RIP Henleys // Macrock 2016

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Spring is supposedly upon us now and as usually its the time of year for lots of great things to start happening around town. Couple of real tight things going on this week that you should def look into to help shake those soul crushing basketball blues. One actually isn’t even in town but its close enough so why not.

On Wednesday March 30th over at the IX Art Park, Henley’s Auctions is having its last hurrah with a bunch of real sick killer acts including one from far away music utopia Berlin, Germany. Headlining this is said foreign invaders dubbed Plattenbau who make real great hard hitting psych noise rock that has a real ruckus energy and super catchy sound that just absolutely slays. While these guys are gonna be super there are a bunch of other boss local openers are on this bill who should also kill it. We’ve got Petal who make real noisey and fierce rock anthems, Witch Boots who will make chill dark n’ spooky folk rock as well as Dais Queue who makes killer and space out ambient guitar jams. So yeah Doors @ 8PM / Show @ 9PM & the show is $$SEVEN$$.

Now this coming Friday & Saturday (April 1st & 2nd) marks that time of year where many in the Virginia area make a pilgrimage to the glorious city where Natty Light & Chanello’s Pizza rein supreme called Harrisonburg for Macrock which is a real sick music fest that has been going on like 20 years now. This years line up is one of the best I’ve seen them have in ages and is definitely worth the journey. Bunch of real impressive acts like Noise legends Wolf Eyes, fuzzed out Techno king Container, Baltimore’s new age R&B master Abdu Ali, as well as Virginia greats Buck Gooter just to name a few. So yeah heres a link to all the bands and times for the whole fest HERE and down below are some videos of some of the other highlights of the fest.

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