Easter Weekend Mayhem

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@Paramount: Basketball, Free, 7:10
@Teahouse: Maxx Katz/Hayden Arp/Winterweeds  $5 or maybe $7, 9ish
@AnteRoom: Death Shroad/Throaat/Salvaticus/Surgeon/Heavy Burner/Heavy Temple/Horseburner/Lamaze  $13, 7ish

@Teahouse: Jolie Fille, The Green Hearts, Fried Egg  $7, 9ish
@PVCC: William & Mary Middle Eastern Music Ensemble  $10/$12, 7:30

The most metal Good Friday since the original Good Friday. The Ante Room is bringing eight bands to bear. Double heavy, double burners, double horses… and more. Your satisfaction, though not your safety, is guaranteed to be provided by at least one of these bands. Alas, Miami Nights will not be one of them, but Maxx Katz is playing a stroll away at the Tea Bazaar, solo style. Her set promises not only heavy riffs and fierce barbaric yawping but possibly, if we are lucky, flute. Also: Hayden Arp, who creates music for chapels or chapels out of music, and renowned local flavor extractor Joseph Zehner as Winterweeds, marshalling ill-mannered electrons into music. And if you love basketball, or just hate the state of Iowa, you can check the Virginia vs. Iowa State game for free on the big screen at The Paramount.

You know what kind of music Jesus used to listen to before they killed him? Middle Eastern music. And so can you Saturday night at the Dickinson building at Virginia Piedmont Community College. You want ouds? They got ouds. And daffs, tars, bendirs, riqqs, and others, the great Tabl Baladi and the zithery qanun. All these delightful instruments that you will not hear being played around here too often, and, depending on the next election, possibly never again. Or, if you are in a more punk mood, the Tea Bazaar is hosting  a “Central VA Punktacular & Landlords Re-Release”. Come celebrate the legacy of The Landlords, Charlottesville’s epochal, possibly seminal, and second punk band with Jolie Fille, The Green Hearts, and Fried Egg.

Yo La Tengo is playing on Easter Sunday at The Jefferson, and they’re pretty good.



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