(03-22) Idiot Glee / Murals / Ming Ming / Cream Dream @ Henley’s Auctions

March 22nd, 2016 · No Comments · By

So hopefully you where at that Tortoise / Mind Over Mirrors show last Sunday cause we slipped on promoting it here (not like it really needed the help) but OMG that one was stellar show. Guess what though there are lots of great things on the horizon for this town of towns and tonight over at Henley’s a real stellar Rock N Roll affair will come crashing upon us to bring some amazing psych esc enjoyment.

Kings of the evening Idiot Glee who are from Lexington Kentucky and they make real amazing electronic spiced rock music that channels the best 70s era Brian Eno rock yet has a smooth almost dad rock chill vibe to it. Their new self titled LP is one of the better albums I’ve heard so far this year so its real awesome this band stopping on by in town. On tour with them is Murals also from Kentucky that makes real awesome psych rock that has a real 60s California psych day dreaming sound being mixed with modern garage indie rock. Also on board we have solid local support from both Ming Ming and Cream Dream who will rep VA well and make some tight Rock N’ Roll / Electronic jams.

Now this show costs money, lets say its 5 dollars and bands will probably start playing round 9 o clock ish.

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