Sunwatchers, Gull, Dais Queue Tonight

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Wednesday, March 9 @Teahouse: Sunwatchers, Gull, Dais Queue 9:00PM, $7


As I heard a policeman point out this morning : the turtles are out sunning themselves, the rabbits bounding in the fields, the tiny frogs tune their big voices and begin to sing — verily the springtime has arrived. Time to climb out from under the covers, untangle from the headphones, unburrow and empty the trash. To come to the Tea Bazaar, which I believe can sell beer again, but you should probably arrive already drunk just in case, and hear some music that will wake you up, clarion to the coming of the light.

Dais Queue is Davis, of Grand Banks and around here, sounding out his guitar for us, curiously probing its possibilities.  You likely have seen him play before and would like to see him play again. Gull is Nathaniel Rappole, and the same can be said of him. Drums, guitar, microphoned mask — he wanders the earth with these, a musical secret agent, slipping in to the lives of the unwary with hot licks and weird spells, seemingly everywhere and nowhere at once. Sunwatchers we have not seen before, but members of the band have come through town to blow our minds from time to time, with NYMPH, Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band, and Dark Meat. I imagine one Sun they’re watching is Ra, another the gigantic light-spewing sphere of super-hot plasma that all our business revolves around. Possibly also Jesus, homophynically. These guys seem like they might be able tap into the kinds of unlabeled energies that we so desperately need here in Charlottesville, so let’s all show our appreciation and come out and bask. This light can only heal with direct exposure.

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