(02-25) Frequencies V: Siamese Floater / Luke Dahl / Kentucky Fitz @ The Ante Room

February 25th, 2016 · No Comments · By

Its been a while since there has been a Frequencies event in town so its nice to see that tonight at The Anteroom one is going down and as always it should be a solid night of electronic bangers and sick ass jams. On the bill for the night we have local artists Siamese Floater who like I literally just mentioned in the post before makes real amazing techno spiced avant grade beat jams that are crazy sweet . Also on the bill is local talent Luke Dahl who sound is very inspired by 90s house but with a lots of modern noise tendencies and spaced out vibes. Also on board from the far away distances Richmond Virginia we have Kentucky Fitz who himself makes some stellar modular dance jams that like the rest of the bill is totally catchy and totally noisey. Doors for this are at 8PM and this sucker costs $$FIVE$$.

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