(02-16) Siamese Floater / In Sontius Lux / Ryan Maguire @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

February 15th, 2016 · No Comments · By

We’ve got a pretty good one going on tonight over at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Katie Wood who recently took over the reins booking at the space and has been keeping the spirit alive their with some some real solid shows and tonight is no exception. Headlining this is local champ Siamese Floater who makes real amazing techno fused sound pieces that are very atmospheric and mesmerizing. He always put on pretty stealler sets and tonight should not be any different. Rounding up the bill we have In Sontius Lux from Atlanta who make very sonic and explorative ambient jams with a Hang instrument and some sort of Rock esc backing ensemble. Music has a very rambling laid back vibe channeling something almost Laraaji like. Their set should defiantly be something really chill and quite mesmerizing. Also on the bill is local talent Ryan Maguire who who has been for years putting together amazing sprawling guitar and electronic based fuzzed ambient pieces, which like the rest of this show it has a very heavy but relaxed vibe that is quite hypnotic and impressive.


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