Cornor Extravaganza // January 28-29th 2016

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So something totally crazy is happening in tonight and tomorrow (January 28th & 29th respectfully). There are back to back reasons to head on up to the corner to catch some real awesome music. This is something I don’t think I have seen since the glorious year of 2007 when we still had the Satellite Ballroom up their and it was slaying it real hard. Anyway def check these one out cause both should be really tight experiences.

On Thursday thanks to WTJX and UVA we have a real sick show happening at the UVA Chapel. Headlining this from Asheville is Elvis Depressidley who makes some real solid fuzzed out rock that from its name you can easily guess has a somewhat downcast vibe but with his music he creates great atmospheric shoe gazed rock that is full of lots of electronic blissed out sounds and noise tendencies. Their record New Alhambra that came out last year was one of the more enjoyable straight rock albums to come out of the year so its totally sweet they are coming to Charlottesville to do their thing. While their being on the bill is already worth the price of admission also playing is Ricky Eat Acid from Maryland that makes solid new age ambient dance music that has a very organic collage like feel to it and is definitely mega chill. Rounding up the bill is Brooklyn’s Cende that makes your a typical power poppy punk garage rock type of thing. Anyhow this show starts at 7PM and is $$14$$

Now on Friday Over at Old Cabel Hall the Jack Quartet who are a real amazing stringed quarter focused on presenting modern works. Lets be honest I am barley qualified to talked about which is classical esc music but from checking out this material their sound is very much in vein of lots of droned and ambient types of music. This looks to be a very fun event and with this being free it should be a no brainer that you should be at this one. The show starts at 8PM and as stated before is FREE.

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