// January 21st 2016 // Plutonian Burrito // Those Darlins //

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So before Snowmageddon 2016 hits us fine folks of Charlottesville you should definitely get out of the house and enjoy some time with your fellow man. There are two real solid shows are going on down tonight and both of different variates so there is maybe just a chance you’ll be interested in one of this things.

Over at the IX Art Park at Henleys Auctions we have Plutonian Burrito coming all the way from the exotic lands of Panema City, Flordia to bring some bizarro noise improve jams that will be accompanied by a movie that they made to go along with said noise sounds. Expect something pretty far out they may also have a few dad jokes with it. Opening the show we have Charlottesville’s Golden Glasses who I haven’t seen play in like ages but is one of the best percusanisnts in town and makes the sickest solo noisey rock jams around. Also on the bill we have TT+PB which I literally have no idea what it is but from the glorious of Facebook it is described as “electro+acoustic+magnetic+time”. Then we also have local noise maker The Transients who will do something frustrating in the best way possible. This show starts round 9ish and lets say its $$5$$.

Now over at The Southern we have something that is less on the absurd side in more in the popped out folk rock vein. Coming from Nashville Those Darlins have stopped trough Charlottesville what seems like mulitple times and while I never did see them then, and quite honestly probably won’t be seeing them tonight but I always heard they put on a fun show. This is their final tour as a band so this is your chance people to catch it while you can, cause literally this is it supposedly. Opening for them is Idle Bloom who are also from Nashville and sound a lot of syrupy psych rock mixed with 90s lilllith fair angst vibes, and that is a good thing. This show starts at 9PM and will be $$12$$.

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