Lights, Carols, Secret Shags: Christmastime Again

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Like a sick man’s first forays back again in the stomping strolling sashaying world of sunlit commerce, let this post be brief, slippered, and aided by a stout stick. This site was down for a time, and even longer than that I was gone from it,– it would be unwise to return leapingly. So it is Friday, the 11th,  and there are some things going on. There is “Let There Be Light” at PVCC tonight, when our local cranks and artists and inventors ingeniously illuminate the grounds of the college, bringing a delight all out of proportion to the means deployed. There is no holier day on the C’ville civic calendar than this, and any citizen who does not attend at least once in life will stripped of all honors in death, and buried vertically, head-down, in unmarked, unconsecrated ground. There also a Christmas caroling starting over at The Garage. As long as there is caroling, civilization endures. If it falls, will it be your fault, you songless bastard?

Later into the evening the party continues at The Anteroom, as The Secret Storm and Shagwüf once again combine to classic effect, like some kind of food and another kind of food, or maybe a wine, both tasty and deep and generously provided. Lauren Hoffman has a useful timeline for the show:

To help you plan your evening: 
8pm – Doors/drinks/find a buddy
9pm – Gild The Mourn
9:50 – Shagwüf
10:45 – The Secret Storm
11:40 – scream for an encore
11:50 – buy all the merch
12am – high fives!

And don’t too easily pass on the DJ set by Gild The Mourn, a duo that includes one of Charlottesville greatest goth legends!

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  • 1 COGDISS // Dec 18, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Oh sweet is this the Cog Diss show on the 26th? At the Ante Room?