(11-15) New Boss / K N D R G R D N / The Trust Circle @ Henley’s Auction House

November 15th, 2015 · No Comments · By

Going on tonight we have a Charlottesville throw down of sorts with 3 local acts coming together for fun evening of music at Henley’s Auction House (which is in the IX Art Park). Headlining this evening is one of Charlottesville’s finest Rock act New Boss who more than likely you have already seen play around town before but if not they do tight popped out Alt Rock that is both real catchy and hard hitting. Also on board this evening is K N D R G R D N (EX Kindergarden) who continue the theme of the evening of popped out Rock N’ Roll but with a little bit of a more Punky delivery and a splash of New Wavy undertones. Finishing up the bill is The Trust Circle who I’ve never seen before but from internet listening seems to be a mixed bag of Hard Rocked Pop Punked Emo esc music. So yeah if you want some Rock N’ Roll in your Sunday night then really there is no better show or any other show going on for it so yeah this is where you should go. Doors are at 8pm show is at 9pm and this thing is like $$5$$

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