(11-09) Meth Dad // SHMU // Wild of Night // Nu Depth //Pamela and Her Sons // GiNKO // Ming Ming @ Magnolia

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It’s been a while since Charlottesville has had a good old fashion Weirdo USA type of a night and luckily over at that trash dump Magnolia a mega billed type of show is going down. Headlining this is Nashville’s Meth Dad who does new age high energy spiced dance that is super catchy and full of lots of hype and pop. Touring with them is the the really impressive Shmu from Austin, Texas that deliver some shoe gazed psyched out body rocking thing that has a nice pop tint to it that creates something that is both verbally loud and mentally illuminated. Also on board for this night is the return of ex Charlottesville wonderkin Dylan Mulshine who is playing in not just one but two sets. These mentionted sets are both his usually solo swagger Nu Depth as well as an act with fellow Geoergian Elysia Empereo who perform under the name Wild Of Night which is an awesome pop outfit that feels like qusi The Space Lady like electro jams but you know with a much more full sound.

And if that wasn’t enough on tour with these guys is Palmela And Her Sons from Atlanta who do really hypnotic 80s dreaming electronica thats fits quite perfectly with what this show has in store as well as Ginko which is more shit from Georgia that sounds like fucking death in the best way possible. Oh and lets not forgot John Mingsley is gonna do his Ming Ming thing. This show starts at 9PM and since there are a lot of bands playing maybe it will actually start on time. Oh and yeah this show is a donation based thing but you should really bring some money for all these touring acts.

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