a southern party

October 24th, 2015 · No Comments · By

Over at The Southern tonight something bizarre for that joint is happening. Going on tonight they are having not 1 but 2 pretty solid shows happening (crazy right). Starting the night off with the early show of the evening is the yearly visit one of Virginia’s finest Daniel Bachman who does amazing folk music that while grounded in folk tradition also has an expansive explorative sound very similar to many in the Amiercan Primitive Guitar genre. Tonight is a great chance to see one of the best guitar players around whose live shows always are most impressive and moving. Opening the show are two real talented local openers. We have both Ned Oldham doing what I assume is his usual thing of being one of the towns best folk artists as well as Jordan Perry who does really good mellow solo guitar work. Doors for this are at 6PM and it costs $$TEN$$.

Now after what is already looking to a great show we got another enjoyable looking one that will be a more rockish affair. Headlining this is Philly based Beach Slang who do solid popped out garage rock that melds both indie fuzzed out rock with confessional lyrical prowess to create some catchy and fun tunes. Opening this show is Richmond scene staple Positive No that always delievers the goods of poppy 90s throw back rock n roll with a new age noisyish twist. Doors for this are at 9:45PM and this costs $$TEN$$

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