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All right folks so I’m back from a self imposed relaxation exile to continue being the most illiterate Nailgun writer there ever was as well as bring you as always a good old round up of what you should do with your night of nights in this beautiful pre fall utopia we call mid September

Over at the IX Art Park at Henley’s Auction House is the real amazing Kevin Greenspon from Los Angels who does a real tight noisy drone ambient type of thing. Caught him in Richmond years ago and he killed it with some real spaced out jams that made me feel quite sleepy as well as just totally fulfilled. Also opening this show is the locally legendary and always amazing Grand Banks who sets every time are always quite different but usually just like Kevin Greenspon are quite noisy & droned out & are usually quite inthralling and even a little mind blowing. Definitely make sure to get their early to catch these guys play cause they don’t do play as many shows as they used to and you’d be a fool to miss them (for real). Anyway this bad boy starts at 9PM and will be 5 dollars.

Now happening over at The Southern we have The Good Old War coming through town bringing that indie folk WRNR type sound that seems to be blowing up The Southern these days. Should be a good enough show if you want to chill with your fellow Charlottesvillian and keep on living in some sort of new-age folk based Virginia tradition. Also opening for this is Pete Hill who from quick youtube glancing seems to be doing a solid 60s throw back pop solo endeavor which is almost always a solid affair. Doors for this show are at 6PM and the show is 15 dollars.

Also the quite impressive Strugill Simpson is playing The Jefferson tonight but that show is SOLD OUT. So yeah maybe you might get lucky and can scalp a ticket if you don’t have one but more than likely you aint going to this one.

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