Nakatani Part IV: The Gonging

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@The Garage: Andrew Aylward  / Ned Oldham 8:00, $donation

@The Haven: Nakatani Gong Orchestra 8:00, $12

It’s a damn shame that Andrew Aylward and Ned Oldham have to go against the gongs. On another night their show would be the clear choice for the music-goer. And it remains so for anyone who wants to hear songs sung and guitars strummed in the way that made this country great, before it was brought low by a conspiracy of harpists and bucket-drummers. A concert of droning bowed gongs is not for everyone, and if you are one of those it is not for then you should consider heading over to The Garage to greet the September night with Aylward and Oldham.

But there is no question that the Nakatani Gong Orchestra is the Event of the evening. Tatsuya Nakatani is a brilliant percussionist who has come through town several times, blowing the minds of all who hear. He is an adventurous experimentalist who always stays grounded, attentive and true to the pure beauty in sound of resonant objects. Nakatani will be performing a solo set before the main event, which should itself justify your attendance. Then he will bring out a crew of local volunteers, mostly first-time gongists, who workshopped with him earlier in the day, to conduct them as they bow an array of gongs. This use of local neophyte performers is a defining aspect of the Gong Orchestra, and based on my experience with similar projects it should help give the event a special feel, creating a communal sense among the audience members as well as the participants, blurring the distinction between the two groups. The overwhelming otherworldly space-filling time-expanding sounds of the gongs will also help. It is quite possible that your soul will be stirred, and then poured onto the floor, in a puddle, to mingle with the souls of others, in a way that will later become embarrassing to talk about. Or you might become bored. But it will certainly be an experience like few others.

In accordance with the hazily perceived, if not actual, wishes of Mr. Nakatani, we would like to expressly note that this event is not The Gong Show, a gong bath, or for spiritual ceremonial purposes. It has no association with Chuck Barris, Sony Pictures Television, or the National Broadcasting Corporation, and any spiritual effects of this musical concert are the sole responsibility of the attendee and his or her affiliates, be they angelic, demonic, totemic, or familiar. Consult your physician before attending this concert while under the influence powerful psychedelic medications or while pregnant with a human child. Seek prompt medical attention if you experience heart palpitations, dry-mouth, or symptoms of bliss that persist for a period of more than four hours. Gongs are not toys.

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