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Friday August 4th: @Michie Building, Studio 204: James Ford Art Show/ Dance Party  7:00

Saturday August 5th: @Anteroom: Battlemaster / Salvaticus / Miami Nights 9:00 , $8

Saturday August 5th: @Tea Bazaar: Groam & Joan Son of Groam /New Turks / Skullkid  9:00, $7

Sunday August 6th: @Anteroom: Pill / New Boss / International Friendly / Lug Weight 7:00  $6




If James Ford was still writing Nailgun, as he did for so long, his post for this weekend would be a model of thorough professionalism, honestly felt and thoughtfully considered; enthusiastic, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. But he is not, and I can think of no better way of honoring his legacy than with a slapdash and irresponsible posting, larded with irrelevancies and tinseled with sham, so that we may all be reminded of what we lost when he left us, of that classical Nailgun not yet fallen into lazy, ignorant, and self-indulgent decadence.

<moment of silence>

Nonetheless, not all is lost for Charlottesville, Fordianly-wise. James has come back for a week to take up an art residency, and Friday he will be showing his work and hosting a dance party. You have probably seen his collage-work around town or on this website in the form of of show posters. In the era of Photoshop he works the old-fashioned way, cutting paper with a blade, layering, and photocopying. In taking such pains over ephemera, haphazardly pinned to cork-board and taped to walls, destined for the trash bin, he shows a true artistic spirit, a spirit of respect for the integrity and vitality of the image for it’s own sake, a desire to make every creative act count, to enrich its articulation with all possible precision, density, and imagination. This week he has had the opportunity and burden of free creation, and we will see what he has come up with. Plus some sweet tunes and boogie.

Saturday at the Teahouse looks nice and heavy. I’d be particularly interested in seeing Groam & Joan Son of Groam with their sax, bass, and drums lineup. Unfortunately that show is going against the metal of the Anteroom, including the mighty doom of Miami Nights, which in a bold pincer move attacks the Gates of Heaven with both deep chthonic tunneling and a screaming that comes across the sky. If they seem to be moving slow it is because they are already there.

Following up on the previous post, could it be that the reason Devon Sproule did not play a show at The Garage Wednesday night is that she has been kidnapped by New Boss? Is she the Patty Hearst to their Symbionese Liberation Orchestra? It would be a lie to say so, but can anyone prove that it is not so? Probably, but New Boss is playing Sunday to testify on their own behalf, and past evidence suggests she’ll be the one with the microphone. Plus other bands, including Pill with a sax and a post-punk attitude, and International Friendly who may or may not be playing their last show ever but who did have a nice set recently above the art shop, and Lug Weight whose boasting name will be either vindicated or demolished within seconds of their taking the stage and striking that first chord against mortality.




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