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(books on tape)

Tonight Books on Tape, Captain Ahab, Doofgoblin and Epizootics will all be playing at Better Than Television (below the Jefferson Theater on the Downtown Mall). Here’s the scoop from the T-Rock newsletter:

“Some years back, a certain British vegetarian pop superstar urged us to “Hang the blessed DJ!” Poor dear, he didn’t think that the music they played in the discos and on the radio had any relevance to his life.

That may still be, but luckily for us, indie-electronica up-and-comers Books on Tape – the brainchild of Todd Books (aka Todd Matthew Drootin) of Los Angeles – has heaps of relevance to our frenetic modern lives. And given it’s plenitude of head-bobbing, homemade beats you’ll likely to be hearing it everywhere from Manchester to Manitoba and everywhere beyond.

Raised on punk rock and hip-hop, Todd Books began crafting his own DIY electronica in the 90s, using sequencers, drum machines and effects units to make his own brand of squiggly good fun. Books on Tape manages to be both warm and futuristic at the same time. And always energetic. And rather obscure, thanks to an early habit of only releasing Books on Tape tracks as MP3s via the net. Eventually, these and the super word of mouth they’ve generated have made Books on Tape a respected act on the burgeoning indie-electronica scene, and BOT live shows all over the country have kept the kids rocking back and forth to the beat.”

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