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Hurry up and get over to the Robot Wares and Record Fair at the Satellite Ballroom. It only runs until 6pm. I stopped by earlier, and there is a lot of stuff worth checking out.

And then there is a punk rock show at 1323 Chesepeake St. Well, actually it starts right now: at 4pm. So hurry up. Here are some descriptions for an e-mail I got:

The Ergs: NJ pop-punk based band, very similar to the Descendents but nerdier. These guys make the kids in Revenge of the Nerds seem like frat studs, but put together one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The last time I saw them they ended the set by taking requests for radio songs from
the 80’s and 90’s, and played them all perfectly. Shit was nuts.

Modern Machines: Milwaukee’s own, they’re gonna hit it big real soon.

The Pink Razors: Punk’s up-and-coming superstars, this Richmond band is making waves everywhere and will probably be the next big band to go national and sign to Fat. Sounds like Dillinger Four or Toys that Kill.

The 40 Boys: Side project of Tony (Riot Act, Bella Morte), these local guys bring the rock and don’t fuck around. They always put on a good show, and they’ll take out just about anyone in a drinking

The Stabones: two words – shit sandwich. The show’s this Sunday (April 30) at the Stabones house (1323 Chesapeake Street). Things are getting started around 4 pm.

And, also tonight: The Falsies and Love Tentacle Drip Society will be playing at the Gravity Lounge

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