The Triumphant Return of Jonny “Corndawg” Fritz

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@The Southern: screening of Heartworn Highways Revisited, performance by Traveller  7:30, $12

@Ix Art Park: Opera in the Park, arias from Ash Lawn Opera 7:30, FREE

Jonny Fritz showed up in the Charlottesville music scene at the turn of the century, a slick hyper goofball teenager from Esmont who called himself Corndawg. He soon picked up a guitar and started playing funny little novelty songs wherever he could. A born performer, over time he became a real musician, and ended up touring all over the country and beyond, a true road musician. And now he is a respectably dubiously respectable Nashville country musician with a minor mainstream reputation, along with Vince Gilligan one of Central Virginia’s most celebrated native sons. And he’s in a movie! Heartworn Highways is a documentary from the mid-70’s ago about some of the great country musicians of the time who were on the fringes of the Nashville industry, the outsider Outlaws, now legendary. This new movie checks in with some of them, like Guy Clark and David Allan Coe, but is really about a contemporary scene of musicians who are following in their footsteps. Jonny Fritz is one of them. It looks well worth watching, possibly even to someone with no particular interest in it. Here is a nice piece about the film in Rolling Stone.

Traveller is a super-group of Jonny and two other songwriters featured in the movie, Robert Ellis and Corey Chisel. Expect modern songs done the classic way, probably pretty good ones, maybe sometimes funny.

The film screening will be first, followed by the live show. The Southern has an unconventionally punctual approach to punctuality, so you might want to get there by 7:30 to see it all.

Or you could go to the Ix Art Park to get some opera in for free.I don’t know which arias will be performed, but I would imagine they would choose some of the better ones, and people who sing opera in public can sing opera, so it will probably be pretty amazing.

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