Two Shows, One Night: From the Wüf to the Fang

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@The Southern: Astronomers / Shagwüf /The Secret Storm  9:00, $7

@Main Street Annex:Evil Eye / Horsefang / Ferrigno / Lamaze  9:00, $7

Two shows of local bands present the concert-goer with a dilemma. On the one hand, Shagwüf is a must-see. As previously described here: Shagwüf  is Central Virginia’s Greatest Band — or at least they have as good a claim to the title as any. Hard-rocking, deep-grooving, angular and agile yet low-down and swampy, they deliver a sound more varied and dense with pleasure than should be possible. Add in The Secret Storm and Astronomers, another two of our strongest bands, and you have a classic Charlottesville line-up. 

On the other hand it is hard to resist another chance at a refreshing dip into the algal bloom of heavy music that has lately been infecting these parts. Tonigh The Annex will feature some some classically dirty American metal/hard rock, including the venerable instrumental trio Horsefang (if you have not seen the clip of the dance performance to their “River of Dead Horses”, I am including it below).

Fortunately, The Southern and The Annex (now to be known as The Anteroom or The Ante, apparently) are just around the corner from one another, and a dedicated music fan will be able to shuttle between them and, with luck, get the best of both worlds.




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