Tonight: Loop 2.4.3, Dais Queue, Davis + Warren + Trapp

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Thursday 7/2 @The Teahouse: Loop 2.4.3 / Dais Queue / Davis + Warren + Trapp  9:00, $7


A night of experimental music at the Twisted Branch. Loop 2.4.3 is a percussion duo, with some electronics and occasional vocals in the mix. Good percussion is a great thing to experience live, and these guys know how to percuss, with driving rhythms, strange pulsations, and eerie blips and shimmers. Hitting things is one of the most basic vital actions, made transcendent by timing and the reverberative quality of the things hit. Underneath the mathy name and technical approach Loop 2.4.3 embodies very primal qualities of life, and if being alive is something you are into you might relate to this music.

Dais Queue is Davis Salisbury picking up his guitar and seeing what he can do with it (sometimes he hits it with a stick), generally with beautiful results. Davis + Warren + Trapp are UVa experimental musician/composers. I don’t know what they will be up to, but two of them are in Blood Moon so it might sound something like that.

When the aliens arrive experimental musicians will provide our only way of communicating with them. Don’t neglect these heroes of humanity and their messages of cosmic love and weirdness.

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