Zomes, Katie Wood, Siamese Floater

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Friday 6/26 @The Teahouse: Zomes, Katie Wood, Siamese Floater  9:00, $7

I last saw Zomes in 2011, when it was just Asa Osborne (formerly of Lungfish) playing droning electric organ. It was good stuff, but since then he has been joined by Swedish vocalist Hanna Olivegren, whose often wordless singing adds a whole new level to the sound, taking it from simple minimalism to baroque minimalism, a kind of moody ethereal pop for melancholy urbanites seeking redemption but settling for longing, and pleasure. Done with Lungfishian integrity.

Katie Wood is one of our finer local singer-songwriters, has some darkness to her, and should be a nice fit for the evening. As should be Siamese Floater, which is the electronic music of Alex Tanson.

Might be a Quaalude  kind of night. I’ve never taken Quaaludes – most people who have are either dead or douchebags — but it seems like maybe it’s that, in a hopeful and complimentary  sense.

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