Friday Metal, Saturday Metal, Metal-On-Metal (Demo Derby)

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Friday 6/12 @Main Street Annex: DEMON EYE / BELDAM / AZATHOTH / MARSH HAWK  Doors at 8, $9

Saturday 6/13@ The Teahouse: PATHOGENESIS / HUMUNGUS / BLOODDRUNK TROLLS Doors at 8:30, $7

Saturday 6/13@ Mid-Atlantic Power Festival (Ruckersville): DEMOLITION DERBY & CARNIVAL!!  7:30, $15


The Charlottesville metal renaissance continues in force this weekend. To get this up sooner rather than later, and because I actually have no value to add, I will copy and paste from the Annex site:

Demon Eye – Taking their name from one of the darker tracks of the Deep Purple catalog, Demon Eye consists of four men, two New Yorkers, two Southerners, and one shared love for old school metal. Demon Eye’s heavy grooves and thunder rhythms channel the doom and crush of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, and the fist banging shred of early Iron Maiden. Demon Eye is hellbent on bringing their hook-laden, dark riffin’ songcraft to fans far and wide.

Beldam – Beldam is skull crushing doom metal from Charlottesville, VA. Drawing influences from Eyehategod, High on Fire, and Graves at Sea, they bring it from the pits of hell.

Azathoth – Virginia based metal with elements of death, thrash, and groove metal, formed from the center of the abyss. Combining their love of modern technical metal with the brutality and feel of heavy metal’s iconic pioneers, their sound is solid, melodic, and unrelenting.

Marsh Hawk – Coming from the Appalachian Mountains, Marsh Hawk melds the sound of old-school Blues-inspired Heavy Metal with 60’s Garage Psych and modern, backbreakingly heavy Doom.

I have not been to the Power Festival derby, but given that it is a Power Festival, devoted to beauty of internal combustion in motion, I have high hopes. If you have never seen a demo derby then you are in for a treat. Your first derby is something you never forget, like something you have been waiting for your whole life: the visceral excitement of roaring engines and smashing metal, the primal thrill of destruction as sport. If you have seen a derby then you know. You know.

After that you should still be able to catch most of the metal show at the Teahouse, to experience the musical equivalent. I have heard a rumor that after Saturday the Blooddrunk Trolls might not be playing for a while. And given the uncertainties of life and rock  — who knows? maybe never. So don’t miss this chance to see one of Charlottesville’s most dangerous and beloved bands try to turn the Tea Bazaar into a dark cave of gone-for-broke metal. Along with them, Humungus will be bringing the thrash from Richmond, while Pathogenesis comes from Raleigh with grinding death. There will also be a selection of a fine teas. Sip daintily in the storm of sound and laugh in the face of your mortal fate.

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