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When it rains it pours folks and tonight is one of those nights where you have lots of things to choose from. Many different genres to choose from so definitely stop enjoying this nice weather and go spend your hard earned money on one of tonights events.

Happening over at the IX Art Park tonight we have a real big electronics show going on. Headling this one is Gobby from NYC who makes real killer harsh and chooped up dance jams that are mad sick. Another act on this that I’m real excited about on this bill is Doofgoblin who was definitely one of my favorite locals artists to watch back in my formable high school years is back in action (at least for this show). I’m honestly not sure if he really makes new music anymore but it should still be fun to see what this guy has been up to. Rounding up the bill we have lots of other usual locals that have been on these Mr. Cool Ice shows. Acts like Ming Ming, Nu Depth, Voice Of Saturn, etc. Doors for this are at 8PM and costs $$3$$

Now tonight the Tea Bazaar looks to be hosting something that is a rare sight to behold at that establishment, what I’m speaking of is that Hip-Hop is gracing tea house. Im quite unfimilar with Charlottesville’s Hip-Hop scene but tonight looks to be an interesting glance into what that world is. Headlining the bill are Cognitive Dissidents which is a local cville hip hop group that seems drenched in a 90’s throw back type of sound. Opening this show is Equally Opposite who have a more modern splash on Hip-Hop as well as St. The Dame who I don’t know nothing about cause his Soundcloud is full of just other peoples music and not his own. Doors for this are at 8:30PM and the show is $$7$$

If all this sounds like rubbish to you and your more into some something with a little more rock then guess what the Main Street Annex has got that for you guys. Always awesome metal act Valkyrie is back in Charlottesville throwing down lots of duel guitar solos and harmonized vocals that have a sort of Deep Purple type of feel to them. Opening for this show is Salvaticus who do a classic black as black Doom Metal thing as well as Charlottesville classic Horsefang who always put on a fun more melodic type of Metal set that also is wrapped in lots of bleakness and heavy procession. Doors for this is at 9PM and this show is $$10$$

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