Wed. Night Metal: Antigama, Drugs of Faith, Earthless, Blooddrunk Trolls

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Wednesday 5/20 @Main St. Annex: Antigama/Drugs of Faith/Earthling/Blooddrunk Trolls  $7  doors at 8:00

This will be a very intense show. A lot of people may not feel they can handle such intensity on a Wednesday night. They might not think they need it — which could be a sign that they do. Because sometimes you need to clear out your system with powerful blasts of metal, to make the engine run better. The bands at the top of the bill, Poland’s Antigama and Richmond’s Drugs of Faith, fall towards the grindcore sector of the metallograph. Grindcore presumably gets its name from the way it grinds away at the inside of your skull. I tend to prefer music with some more umami, that rich meatiness of sound, but you have to respect the power of the stuff. And you will not want to miss the bands at the bottom, Charlottesville’s own Blooddrunk Trolls — who bring a wild energy that feels like the pure spirit of rock, metal varietal — and Harrisonburg’s Earthling. Somehow I have managed to miss Earthling when they have played here before, but I found a long quote about them from an interview three years ago with Peter Adams of Baroness and Valkyrie (who are playing the Annex on Saturday), and I like it so I am going to give it to you in full:

 this band called Earthling from Harrisonburg, Virginia, very young and new metal band, are delivering the goods right now. Nobody’s heard too much from these guys yet, especially from the west coast, but man. Keep your eyes peeled. I have a band called Valkyrie that’s a very classic metal type of band with my brother Jake, and we’re getting ready to do a split 7 inch with this band, and they’re finishing up the touches on their first full length record. So keep your eyes and ears open for them. Google them, get online, find them, they’re freaking amazing and talented and they bring it. All the energy is there. Just talking about it I can get excited cuz I can’t wait to hear their new record. I just heard about it yesterday. But yeah, that’s it right there. It takes something special, and those guys have something special. They’re got that special thing that’s perked my ears up. I first saw them in a basement in the dingiest darkest little dungeon you could possibly go to, and I said to myself, “Uh oh. Here we go.”, because I was waiting for something, That thing to that’s going to jump out. I’ll say one thing though, and I know you guys can relate, you know when you first started getting into heavy music or whatever and you first started going to shows and you get that energy and feeling and goosebumps and your heart rate picks up just standing in line for the show. Just that alone and getting inside and becoming floored like your life’s direction is changing by the day at that point. I’ve been to a million shows, and after a while you say to yourself, “I want that feeling back!” That first feeling that you got when you went to a show for the first time. That band did it for me. Watching that band Earthling play gave me goosebumps.

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