Saturday: Groam & Joan Son of Groam/Errantry/Qlaud

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SATURDAY MAY 9th @Twisted Branch Tea: Groam & Joan Son of Groam / Errantry / Qlaud   9:00  $7

What a gratifying surprise it is to see that Groam & Joan Son of Groam (it is probably okay to just call them Groam for short) got a write-up in The Daily Progress. It is a paper that I don’t read and have generally assumed would not have much to offer on the underground music scene, but it turns out that Dave Cantor has been doing a good job over there keeping Progress readers clued in to to the likes of Buck Gooter, Sir Richard Bishop, and Groam.  Read his piece to learn more about them, and listen to their Bandcamp page at the link above. They are an experimental-jazz-rock sax-bass-drums trio out of Richmond with a nice rich grooving sound. Should be well worth checking out.

If you have ever seen a Charlottesville band you have seen Scott Ritchie play, because he is in all of them, or so it sometimes seems. You can see this pillar of local music doing it solo tonight as Errantry, offering up some sweet electronic drones and bumps.

For Qlaud I will just quote:

Qlaud (pronounced ‘Cloud’) is a collaboration between composer/guitaristToby Summerfield ( and composer/muliti-instrumentalist Kevin Davis ( Begun back when both were in Chicago, this music explores connections between minimalism, psych-folk, and free improvisation. Altered guitar tunings and open forms create intricate sonic textures, slowly drifting from one to the next.

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