Guten Walpurgisnacht, Charlottesville

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Thursday, April 30th — Walpurgisnacht
@Champion Brewery: The Garage Video Sessions Launch Party
featuring Devon Sproule, Gallatin Canyon, Klauss, & The Hill and Wood
6-10 PM

Walpurgisnacht, Hexennacht — the Night of the Witches, April 30th, May Day Eve, when the all witches gather for their forbidden carnival. The most unholy night of the year and the most feared. Not a night when you want to be stuck at home with nothing to do like some lame-o chump, but all too often that’s exactly what happens. Ideally you’d like to head out to a wild all-night bacchanal in the woods that you’ll stumble home from naked and bloody with no memory of what happened, but invitations to such affairs can be hard to come by. But at least this year you can head over to Champion for The Garage Video Sessions launch party. Here’s what they have to say:

The Garage Video Sessions is a collaborative project between Charlottesville music venue The Garage and husband/wife production team Pando Creative Co.. For the past year, we’ve been filming our favorite bands as they come through Charlottesville – on rivers and bell towers, in art parks and diners. We like experiencing music where you least expect it and we love our city.

We’re having a party to celebrate the launch of our stylish new website! Come mingle with local bands, check out some local food trucks, and drink some of the finest in Charlottesville beer with Champion Brewing Company.

This may not seem like all that demonic and/or pagan, but just take a look at that website. There is something weird and sinister and Virginia¬†Wicker Man going on there, a genius for horror and the uncanny. The event itself may just be a pleasant good time, but who knows what kind of after-party might ensue…

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  • 1 Davis // May 1, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    Sometimes I think that the C-Ville music writers are just here specifically to add to my overall angst levels. Thankfully Alonzo is here to assuage them.

    Still, I would love some to adequately explain what a “hipster” or “creative” is to me. Hint: you can’t, so don’t use those words.

  • 2 Davis // May 1, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    Uhh, that was supposed to be “someone”.