Friday // April // 24th // 2K15

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So there are a couple of things going on tonight here in Charlottesville. Here is a list below in the order of possible importance.

Over on campus the students of that college here in this town are having their Springiest and this year they have gotten Best Coast to headline this show. If you like popped out Garage Rock N Roll that mixes retro daydreaming and California sunshine to create some breezy rock than this is the show for you. There also seems to be a lot of other events and bands playing during this show yet the the only one I recognize from the Facebook event is The Anatomy Of Frank how do a solid Post Pop Rock N Roll styled endeavor. Anyway I believe this show is Free but I didn’t attend college so maybe I’m wrong. Ill leave a link HERE for the Facebook event which will give you more information and keep you better informed on all the things going on today.

Also happening tonight is a metal show going on at the Main Street Annex. I will be the first to admit that I am no metal expert at all so I see very little reason to try to explain in detail about the differece between all these bands but it all sounds from internet sampling to have a diffent doom metal sound and will definitely quince your thirst if your thirst is for loud dark metal music. Anyway doors for this are at 9PM and this show is $$8$$


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