Friday Night

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@The Twisted Branch: Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Dan Trueman/Nathan Bowles/Kevin Davis  9:00  $8

@The Southern: Futurebirds/Avers/Shagwüf  9:00  $15

@Magnolia: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt/Ento/Nu Depth/Two Ton Trapezoid /TBA  7:00(!?)  $(requested)

@Fardowners (in Crozet): Borrowed Beams of Light/New Boss

“Contemporary folk music”  often just means “horrifying abomination.” But there are some sophisticated and thoughtful musicians out there who explore traditional folk styles in a truly modern way, leaving behind the corn-pone and leprechauns, breaking it down to some pure soul in the sound, letting new light shine through its architecture. Nathan Bowles is a frequent visitor to Charlottesville who never fails to mesmerize with his music. He brings experimental and minimalist elements to his banjo playing. As do Raghallaigh and Trueman to the art of Irish fiddling, reclaiming it from the unholy empire of Flatley kitsch. They seem pretty heavyweight, like they usually find themselves playing on grander stages than that of the Teahouse. Cellist Kevin Davis of UVA looks like more of a straight-up contemporary classical/experimental musician, but he has Appalachian roots and there is a video on his website titled “Hillbilly free jazz”, so maybe he can fit into this theme. Expect a night of superb musicianship and significant beauty.

If you go to The Southern to see Futurebirds and Avers, be sure to catch the third act on the bill as well. Shagwüf  is Central Virginia’s Greatest Band — or at least they have as good a claim to the title as any. Hard-rocking, deep-grooving, angular and agile yet low-down and swampy, they deliver a sound more varied and dense with pleasure than should be possible. Entirely worthy of the umlaut. Plus, Sweet Pete and Sally Rose are as charming a front team as you will ever see. (You should also hear them play in The Sally Rose Band on Saturday as part of the Tom Tom Festival  — Lee Park, 12:50 PM, free.)

And then there is the Magnolia show, alluringly enigmatic, presumably electro-poptonic, fraudulently Tom Tomic. It might offer the best time of all. Or not.

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