(04-16) Ex Hex / Y’all @ The Southern

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So a Charlottesville reunion of sorts is going down tonight here at The Southern. Two killer Charlottesville related bands are back to rock your face off and slay it . So yeah if you aren’t already showed out this week definitely be at this one and catch the tunes mon.

Heading the show is Ex Hex who I honestly before doing this write up hadn’t listened to much at all but I remember hearing lots of great things about their set last year at The Southern. Also being ignorant like I am I didn’t know till a friend told me a couple days ago that Betsey Wright of The Fire Tapes is playing in the band. This totally explains why I didn’t see this band playing shows around town anymore (while I enjoyed seeing them open shows round town being signed the Merge is so damn sick). Anyway their music has that fun 60s garage rock throw back sound wrapped in a modern lets have a good time vibe to it. Its honestly perfect music to enjoy this beautiful season of ours and have some brew too.

Also playing this show is Y’all who used to be The Invisible Hand and before that Adam Smith & The Invisible Hand. It used to be that you could easily catch these guys once a month and they would always put on one of the best rock sets in town. Now however now that Adam Smith has left us for the Pacific North West the ability to see them and dwindled down quite a bit. So yeah if your planing on going to this show you’d be stupid to miss this opening set. Relieve your Charlottesville glory days folks.

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  • 1 James // Apr 16, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Yep, sadly the Fire Tapes are no more; they went on “hiatus” after their last record release and the Bowie tribute; Rob moved to LA, Todd and Mark are atill around town (last I heard) and each occasionally jamming with other folks, and Betsy is in DC and touring round the world/appearing in national media etc as 1/3 of Ex Hex. ( she was also playing with Chain and the Gang for a few months)

    One of the reasons Ex Hex are a big deal — apart from the fact that they’re a great band and that we all love Betsy, of course — is that another 1/3 of the band is Mary Timony. she’s arguably best known for her 90’s band Helium, but she was also in recently in Wild Flag with two of the Sleater-Kinneys, and also played in Autoclave back in the day alongside Christina Billotte (who would go on to be in Slant 6, Quix*o*tic, and the Casual Dots). so, yeah: Ex Hex. Mary Timony. Betsy Wright. don’t sleep

  • 2 James // Apr 16, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    also Christian (aka Squirrel”) of Y’all, whom some if y’all might also know from Naked Gods, is living in NYC now, so the chances if seeing them again soon are slim. I’m kind of bummed I never got to hear this band (apart from their tape, of course) and I since in not in cville now I do hope they play again some day where/when I can see it