(04-08) Dan Deacon / Prince Rama / Ben O’ Brien @ The Southern

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Another year is upon us so inevitably another Dan Deacon show is bound to come to this town of towns and guess what today is the day folks for such a thing to occur. For those who don’t know who Dan Deacon is by now honestly I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. Basically just this millennial generations Philip Glass who puts out amazing neon splashed electronic music that when performed live becomes an even more amazing experience full of lots of crowd participation and dad jokes and sweaty bodies that always by the end leaves you in a state of euphoric ecstasy. Basically if your in the mood to dance tonight or like electronic music just in general this is an absolutely can’t miss type of artist here so definitely come out and catch him.

Opening the show is Ben O Brien who is a Baltimore comedian / video artist who I honestly know not for his comedy but for his puppet based tv series Showbeast. His comedy seems to be based in the typical Wham City irreverent humor that seems to dominate that crabby Maryland city and should be a good chuckle worthy experience. Also opening for this show is the amazing Prince Rama who do amazing psyched out heavy precision dance music that is splashed with many various non western world influenced. I’m real excited to see them again cause its been years since I saw them last and that show was tight and hopefully tonights will be as well. So yeah doors for this I believe are at 9PM and this sucka is fifteen dollars.

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