(03-31) Fountainsun/ Grand Banks / The Voice Of Saturn @ Main Street Annex

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So this crazy stacked spring seasons of shows in Charlottesville is starting up and coming up at the Main Street Annex tonight is an absolute amazing show. Like seriously no excuses on this one. Last second can’t miss shit is happening here folks so don’t sleep on it.

Heading this one is Fountainsun which is made up of Daniel Higgs of Lungfish fame as well as Fumie Ishii who is Tokyo based and seems to be an artist of lots of different formats in her own right. For me I’m still to this day kicking myself for being to lazy to catch Higgs when he played Al Hamara back in 2011 (which I think also had Grand Banks on the bill as well as another Lungfish related act, aka Zomes) so I’m absolutly ecstatic that he is finally coming back to VA to play. Fountainsun’s material is a lot in the vein of Daniel Higgs’s other solo material in which there is a real cryptic neo psych sound to it all but it is packaged into a more full sound with having an extra musician play with him so Im real excited about what is in store tonight and you should be to.

Opening the show is hometown Charlottesville legends Grand Banks which is made up of Tyler Magill & Davis Salisbury. These guys have been kicking it around town since this whole new millennium thing started and have consistently been one of the best bands in town if not just the best. Killer electronic usually drone jams that are always transcendental experiences and totally rad as well. Anyway these guys don’t play to often these days cause they have probably more adult things to do like take care of kids or pay off mortgages or something so defiantly don’t miss out on the chance to see these guys play.

Also on the bill for this is The Voice Of Saturn which is made up of some UVA professor named Travis who I should really know more info about cause I’ve seen him now open like 4 shows in 2015 and all of them have been amazing. Real awesome electronic jams that could end up being real spaced out but might also just be some total bangers instead.

So yeah doors are at 8PM and this one is eight dollars. Catch you their Charlottesville!

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  • 1 davis // Mar 31, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Thanks Andy, I appreciate the kind words. Just wanna say that Daniel Higgs was, indeed, very good last time he played here in town. Have heard good things about the Fountainsun incarnation of “what Higgs is currently laying down” as well.

  • 2 davis // Mar 31, 2015 at 10:10 am

    And yeah, The Voice Of Saturn is damn good as well, really into this bill.

  • 3 james // Mar 31, 2015 at 11:25 am

    y’all would be fools to sleep on this one.