Tonight 3/12 @ Tea Bazaar: Left and Right, Rhombus, and Kindergarden

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3/12, 8:30 p.m. @ Tea Bazaar: Left and Right, Rhombus, and Kindergarden.

tl;dr: come to this show. it will be worth it.

Listen up, dummies.

Three bands we all already love are returning. We’ve seen them all separately at Cville’s various venues at least once in 2014, and now they are uniting on a three-band bill of musical goodness. Are you in love? Do you hate someone? Do you have any feelings? None? Then, this is the show for you.


Left and Right (Cville homies now hailing from Philly)

Like Jets to Brazil, but less sappy/wimpy. Like Jawbreaker, but less sore-throaty. Left and Right keeps the turn of the millenium indie pop punk gods from dying by bringing us some fresh jams with up-to-date attitudes. I now defer to nailgun’s resident Left and Right expert, Amanda. See what she had to say the last time they were coming to town. I was there, and it was an awesome show. L@@k:

Look how fun this looks:

Check out their bandcamp:


Rhombus (Chesapeake, VA)

I have to say that this is the band I am most excited to see tonight. This is most likely since I have not yet seen them. If you were lucky enough to see them when they played last September, let us know in the comments. But it is also because of what I noticed while listening to their tracks on band camp. First, it was Hannah’s vocals, loud and proud. But that guitar work, tho. Subtly ornate. The real surprise is when, from time to time, they moderately flirt with some really discordant intervals, à la polvo, wedding present, etc. Always a pleasant surprise, and tastefully done.

Check out their bandcamp:


Kindergarden (Cville)

Okay, so last time I called them rock-teases (and I meant that in a good way!), but they certainly delivered the goods that night. Plus, we are all obligated to love the holy rock three-piece. It’s a religious imperative. The singer can really belt out some Curtis-y dynamism over their tight ass-rock (N.B. not “tight-ass rock.” that’s for homophobes and misers). Don’t miss these guys. Their web-presence does not faithfully represent how many songs they have to offer, and they don’t play nearly enough yet. Be there or be a figure with four straight equal sides and four right angles.

Check their bandcamp and soundcloud:

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