(02-20-2015) Corsair / Demon Eye @ Main Street Annex

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Burrrrrrrr its cold out here in Virginia. So right now as I chill at my friends parents mini mansion living it up in a mad heated house and before I feel like a Hip-Hop royalty and get in on some hot tub action I wanna throw out that this Friday February 20th a real killer Metal show is happening at the Main Street Annex

If your been around in Charlottesville for a while then you already know bout Corsair and what they are about but for those who don’t know they have been one of the main definitions of how Charlottesville isn’t just a total folky city and can also kill it in the whole rock n roll thing. 70s throw back cock rocking metal is what they do and they are kings at this affair. For this show they will be doing two sets during the evening, one of their older material and one of the new material of the new album One Eyed Horse. So if you haven’t caught these guys yet or just wanna go out and have a good time their is really not better place to be this Friday than catching this show.

Supporting Corsair for this set is Raleigh North Carolina’s Demon Eye another act that is influced by the Old School Metal style. This stuff sounds a lot like Black Sabbath which is like almost always a good thing. Lots of heavy hitting rhythm and loud n raw guitars, so yeah come by early n catch these guys slay.

Also while not listed online anywhere I’m almost positive that Chris Hays aka Phil Free of WTJU’s Black Circle Revolution will be DJing in-between these sets and maybe afterwards if y’all r down to party. Bro knows his Rock n’ Roll so he is gonna kill it.

Doors: 9PM

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