2/7 @ Tea Bazaar – Rachel Ries, Fellow Creatures, The Hill and Wood

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8:30 pm. Saturday, 2/7. Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar.

This Saturday, come out to the Twisted Branch at 8:30 for an Alt-Country/Indie Rock show: Rachel Ries, Fellow Creatures, The Hill and Wood.

The Hill and Wood (Cville)

The Hill and Wood’s new EP, “Opener,” takes the band into a more mellow, alt-country direction compared to their 2011 s/t full-length, which hits a lot of indie rock’s sweet spots. Their newer songs are flirting with the same calm as the nearly-ambient Bright Black Morning Light (for instance, their song ‘Oil Spill’), but it will also maintain an echo of the Wilco-comparison. Both Sam Bush and Juliana Daugherty are great singers who can both serenade and belt it out when necessary.

Check out their new video and music on their website: http://cargocollective.com/thehillandwood/THE-HILL-AND-WOOD

Rachel Ries (Vermont/Brooklyn)

Rachel Ries has spent the last ten years touring and collaborating with a long and impressive list of like-minded artists (For which, see: http://rachelries.com/about). Now, she is touring promoting her latest album “Ghost of a Gardener.” Her songs reveal a country persona negotiating a conflict between reverent Americana and tipsy outlaw-country. The musical accompaniment is diverse, with each song sporting a unique arrangement.

Check out her music on her bandcamp at: https://rachelries.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-of-a-gardener

Fellow Creatures (DC)

Compared to this bill’s two other bands, Fellow Creatures, a four-piece from D.C., bring slightly more up-tempo, full rhythms with some foregrounded synth arpeggios and melodies. Yet they’ll maintain the serenity of the evening by floating some nice, long harmonies overtop a rather textured background. They self-identify as “swampy indie rock,” which I guess means soft and silty, but easy to get stuck in and when you pull your foot out it makes a scary “schlllooop” sound from the mud-suction, but what the hell do I know? They also put a guitar pick-up on a toy piano for some sweet bell tones.

Check out their brand-new website: http://www.fellowcreaturesmusic.com/

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