Tea Nights –Tuesday: Hypnogia Films :: Wednesday: Dais Queue, Nagual, Voice of Saturn

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Tuesday: Hypnogia Films Art Film Night   8pm, FREE
Wednesday: Nagual with Carl Mitchell / Dais Queue / The Voice of Saturn   9pm, $7

All I know about tonight’s screening is what I have read at the link above, so why not just reprint it? I also know that  a meeting of an underground radical book club faction was rescheduled to avoid a conflict with this event; you can judge for yourself whether that fact weighs in its favor, against it, or is entirely irrelevant, but you cannot say that you were not forewarned. I should also mention that the Tea Bazaar sells teas, and the combination of certain teas with intensive imagery of an experimental nature may cause effects ranging from the the ecstatic to the terrifying to the downright cozy. Please consult your server before mixing tea with experimental short films of a potentially radical nature.

Hypnagogia Films presents New Horizons: An evening of local underground experimental short films.
Attempting to revive the heyday of art House cinema, Hypnogogia films is a collection of four Virginia filmmakers: Angus Carter, Edmond Marchetti, Lawrence Simonitsch and R.K Haney. Working in variety of cinematic mediums such as 8mm, digital video and found footage, these Virginia based filmmakers bring a refreshing new take to independent film, with cutting edge experimental films that one is not likely to see in traditional movie houses or even on the festival circuit.
Run time ~1.5 hrs



After Johann Sebastian Bach and Burt Bacharach came and put the all the sounds in order, forging joyous harmony and peaceful accord such as should be a model unto all the nations of the earth, many people didn’t even notice that they left something behind, that there were sounds between those sounds, and they too could be beautiful. The quest for those sounds is another kind of experimentation, musical experimentation, putting together sounds in ways that, some might argue, go against all that is right & natural & good & godly, while others maintain the opposite, or agree but are totally psyched by such antinomian rebellion. Wednesday the Teahouse will be hosting a night of such experiments.

 Dais Queue is Charlottesville’s own Davis Salisbury, of Grand Banks, doing things to and with his guitar, curiously touching and striking and strumming it. It generally responds pretty well to his ministrations, and you will want to hear it for yourself. He will have some tapes with him this time, a split release with Mope Lounge, which you can listen to here.

The Voice of Saturn is another local project, from Travis Thatcher. He is the Technical Director at UVA’s Virginia Center for Computer Music and he also makes and sells his own electronic music gear, which is what he will be playing. Like Joe Jackson, first he makes the instruments, then he makes them sing. I caught of bit of The Voice of Saturn at an earlier show and am eager to see a full set.

Nagual is a guitar duo (they played an excellent set at Magnolia a time ago) who will joined by Carl Mitchell on saxophone. Sonic streamings and entwinings and reverbations, moving slowly and vastly with always that fluttering heart inside. Johann Sebastian would agree that here too may God be found, though maybe not in Lutheran form.


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