that sold out show you might be going 2

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Well word has just come down that this big Sunday show at The Southern tonight is !!!SOLD OUT!!! which means I’m really not sure what point this Nailgun post is gonna serve. Yet since this show is a big thing and their is always things like Stubhub and you know waiting outside the venue to try your luck at scalping or something I’m gonna still do something brief for this show because why not.


Headlining this show is Parquet Courts who are that NYC Garage Rock band that those bigger indie review sites have spent the last two years comparing them to Pavement and dubbing them the New Pavement. To be real I don’t know about all that, sort of comes across as a lazy explanation for this band but this music is definitely full of lots of 1990′s rock era throw back sounds and style being mixed with lyrical imagery and sound that comes across all disorienting and sassy so I totally see their point. Anyway I’ve heard lots of great things about this bands live show so basically this could be one of the better and bigger rock shows to come to Charlottesville this year so if you’ve got your ticket their is a decent chance your gonna see a really good show so enjoy yourself.


Opening this show is up and coming DC punk band Priests that from a little youtube viewing looks and sounds pretty good. Very DC rooted material that is definitely has flashes of Riot Grrrl punk sounds being mixed with lots of New Wave tendencies. Totally abrasive Garage rock that from all that youtube viewing suggests it could possibly have some of y’all swaying about or moshing or something else in the dance department. So yeah def try to get their early and catch this band play because we’ll yeah this looks really rad.

Anyway Doors are at 8:30pm and show starts at 9pm 

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