Ha-RAng Tonight, Ta-Nehisi Tomorrow

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Wednesday at The Southern: Wet Socks / the Ha-RAng!#  — a FRee Show!^, 9:00

Tonight The Southern is hosting a free bar show with two bands who continue the great American tradition of garages, as well as basements, backyards, dubious proprietorships of under-the-counter booze and warm beer, and community centers gone to seed.  The Wet Socks are from Savannah and have a stripped down surf-punk sound. Local mainstays the Ha-RAng!# show no fear of keyboards, neither in typing their name nor playing their music. A classic  guitar/bass/drum/& organ combo. You can pay a lot of money to see a show a lot worse than this one, which will cost you nothing, though you might be moved to a large bar tab. Check it out and satisfy those primal rock’n’roll needs.

Thursday at Culbreth Theater: Ta-Nehisi Coates   Free  6:00

All the tickets to this have been claimed, but there will be standby line at the door or maybe someone will have an extra ticket for you (I am looking for an extra ticket myself). Coates is giving an address as part of UVA’s Martin Luther King celebration. He is probably best known for his long article The Case for Reparations, which is certainly a major work of journalism that everyone should read. But I think of him primarily as a blogger, though he has been doing that only intermittently of late. Nobody has done more with the still mostly unrealized potential of the blog than Ta-Nehisi Coates. I hope he returns to it on the regular, so that aimless trollers on the internet will have someone to count on to save us from our quiet desperation.


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