Indie Rock Tonight @ Tea Bazaar: Kindergarden, Feral Conservatives, and French Admirals

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Indie Rock. Tonight (1/20) @ 8 pm. Tea Bazaar. $5. You can’t beat these prices.


There are some bands who rock too hard (a good thing), and some bands who rock just enough (also a good thing). Call them “rock-teases.” They are like the smart girl who never takes her bra off during sex, but you love her anyway. The result is tight, well-composed jams with subtle breakdowns and melodies. Kindergarden will keep you coming back. Check out this soundcloud track. It’s an excerpt. Another tease, but gets my point across nicely.

Feral Conservatives:

A two-piece from Virginia Beach, features sped-up mandolin folk songs layered over a noisy indie/college rock background—a background which will occassionally rise up and take over. Approachable vocals. They also have a soundcloud with many songs. So, check it out. Also, bandcamp:

French Admirals:

A new trio of experienced song-writers from D.C., bring us some mid-tempo indie rock with a mellow sentiment. Jilted, but not bitter about it. Nuanced, but digestible. Guitar sounds vary from an acoustic, singer-songwrite vibe, to rock with the occasional tasteful guitar solo. Check out their bandcamp:

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