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Oh my oh my Charlottesville we’ve got a crazy amount of good stuff coming up this weekend. Like seriously this one is mad stacked. So yeah screw this whole being cold thing and hang with your fellow man and bundle together in some possibly warm central air rooms and have some fun.





First and for most the show at the Tea Bazaar this Friday is a very heavy bill and is one to not miss at all. I believe headlining the bill is Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band who produces some really good spaced and psyched out Rock n Roll. Real Mad hypnotic jams that seem very reminiscent to that of Eternal Tapestry or Zomes in that whole hypnoticness. This set with the Solar Motel Band seems to be more Rock and less Electronica but still some real tight Jammy Rock Bangers.



Also on the bill is Elisa Amborigo who also fronts the amazing noise rock group Magik Markers. I’ve caught her play in various projects multiple times and she has always been amazing. I can especially remember her backing Six Organs Of Admittance at the UVA chapel in 2008 around this time of the year and being both incredible cold while hanging out with a really passive aggressive first girlfriend that you might settle with in high school as well as being blown away by  how Elisa Amborigo noisy guitar work added so much to the already talented Ben Chasny. Anyway she just put out the really amazing album The Immoralist on Drag City last year that is less of the noise rock anthems but more of the singer songwriter type songs that are quite moving and still filled with lots of experimental tendencies and sass you’d expect with anything Magik Markers associated. I’m quite excited to see what she will do for this show and so should you.



Rounding up the bill for this one we have have Nathan Bowles on the bill who used to rock it hard in the 90s with Virginia’s finest Pelt and is still killing the folk game with black twig pickers as well as doing his own solo work. Seriously this dude is pumping out the best folk music out there right now even though his music is definitely shouldn’t be just labeled as folk or whatever. So let your hearts get filled with pride on some good Virginia tradition during his set and yeah get out and enjoy yourself.



Also happening on this Friday is some older Charlottesville bands doing their thing and keeping the game going at The Jefferson. Headlining is Egypt who I really don’t know much about but from what I have been told they where at one point that other Charlottesville band that was goanna blow up like our saint and god Dave Matthews but that as things go in life sometimes that just didn’t happen. They still play shows around Charlottesville once a year and do a good times funk show type of thing. Not really sure if this is my thing or really anyone on Nailgun’s but like they definitely have their merit considering all the shows they sell out.



Backing the billing up is Bella Morte, aka Charlottesville finest Goth band around. I actually haven’t seen these guys live but I did catch their lead singer Andy Deane doing a solo set at the Impulse club and just like Egypt not really sure if his/their music is my bag but I can say for sure that I know a huge group of people in Charlottesville love this band and also Andy Deane  is a super nice dude who is doing his own thing and that is something to be impressed by (also he shares my name and I’m always down for other Andy’s to succeeded). This show definitely looks like it will be a fun time and if your into one or both these bands than this one is a no brainer.



Oh and guess what there is also a total rock steady heavy show happening at the Main Street Annex. Charlotteville’s Horsefang is headlinging this show and as always these dudes are slaying it with their Doom Metal heavy shit. These cats don’t play to many shows so def catch them if you have a fever and metal is the cure. Rounding up the bill is Vomit Fist which is a father and son fronted metal group from NYC who bring short and hard haitting some type of metal. Also playing is Red Money which are more of the post rock metal hyribd type of band that honestly I’ve never gotten into at all…..sorrry. Rounding up the bill is Charlottesville’s Bedhlam who I knew nothing about before looking into this show but from listening to their sound could they seem like a solid drone metal act which obviously is a super rad thing to have in Charlottesville so word up 2 u guys.





So Magnolia has a last second folky show going on that should actually def be worth checking out if you wanna venture into the danger zone of 10th street. Fronting the bill is Mallory who are from Amherst, MA and do a sort of outsider new weird America folk thing that is always enjoyable. Rounding up the bill is Katie Wood who does quite lovely singer songwriter matieral and will I believe be backed for the first time doing her matieral with a band. Also playing is Sam Uriss who is a fellow Murray High School graduate doing some old school Country Folk song covers in the vein of Johnny Cash and other whiskey drinking anthems as well as sell written songs that are in the similar vein.



Now however if your thinking screw going to a folk show and your thinking about how you wanna grind on whatever sex your into or just want to nod your head to some throwback jams than come out to The Jefferson and see Thomas Dean do his Nasty dance party. Ive never seen him do this at the Jefferson but seen him and once Charlottesvillian Adam Smith do this at Mono Loco a bunch of times and this is always a fun way to unwind and have a good time. Lots of old tracks that you will dig and also probably some so Soulja Boy cause for some reason that always get played. Anyway the whole Nasty dance nights are up their with Grits n Gravy and one of the best dance partys you can have in Charlottesville. Seriously I hate most dance parties cause I’m lame but this one is always an appetizing one.

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  • 1 James // Jan 9, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Nathan wasn’t actually a member of Pelt until like 2 years ago, I don’t think, although he’s been playing with various Pelt members in Black Twig Pickers and Spiral Joy Band since the very early 00’s

  • 2 andy // Jan 9, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    oh shot I totally had my history wrong on that one. thanks for the heads up on that james.

  • 3 james // Jan 9, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    yeah I was a little fuzzy about the chronology of those 3 bands as well until Nathan set me straight when I interviewed him last year