some shows on the date december 16h 2014

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Yo Charlottesville community!!! WAZZUP!!! We got a couple rocking shows coming up this Tuesday the 16th. One at that mysterious IX Park off the downtown mall as well as one at the Tea Bazaar. Basically you’ve got options this Tuesday people so get out of the house and bond with your fellow man.




Bunch of Charlottesville heavies in a rock band (aka Dylan Mulshine, Adam Smith, Erik DeLuca) and maybe some others doing some sort of rock wierdo anthems. I really don’t know what to expect but I do expect for it to be awesome


Cult Of Riggonia

Hippie cult heavy psych jamz from Macon, GA. Sounds a lot like a new age Ya Ho Wha 13.  So yeah this band seems awesome.


The Voice Of Saturn

Spacey noisy modular synth works from Travis Thatcher. His tunes are sick and Ive been told he’s a professor at UVA which makes this whole set double sick.


@ IX Park






Drgn King

Poppy heavy beat driven rock from Philadelphia. Your standard indie rock dancey band smeared with a bunch of 90’s care free vibes.



Cats from Brooklyn NY that sound a lot like a Stoner slow burner band real inspired by Sum 41.  I mean this in the best way possible.



Look I’m gonna be honest with you. I really don’t understand Pop Punk. Ain’t trying to start nothing but its just not my thing. That being said this group sounds a lot like Pop Punk so if thats your thing than check this out.


@ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

Doors: 8:30 PM



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