Metal Night At Magnolia

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Right now I am at my parents’ house listening to the Genesis album ….and then there were three… on tinny white Apple earbuds. How it came to this I would rather not say, and I doubt I could — the ways of fate are as strange as they are cruel, and if they inevitably lead back to the where it all started and how it all came undone, the paths taken are never straight, but as mind-breakingly, heart-batteringly  mazey as any learned theological apologetics, of either Trinitarian or Philcollinsian flavor, if you follow me follow you. That is not important. What is important is Saturday night. Saturday night will be completely different. Saturday night will be the complete opposite. Saturday night will be amazing.

It is Metal Night at Magnolia.

Miami Nights. Anicon. Yellow Eyes.

Loud, shattering, thrumming, screeching, hurting holy dread music, not the sounds of the devil but the sounds that drive the devil away, the fearful chords and kinetic rhythms that tear through his lies and temptations, his smooth-talking smooth-jazzing easy-listening high-production-valuing ways. The raw sounds of raw humanity, in humble digs assembled, to celebrate another Saturday night, to mourn and celebrate another Saturday survived, with the sounds of our survival. Not the devil’s music but ours, our alien selves, like Bach or James Brown, or a thousand lonely shower singers in a thousand separate showers.

So I had to hijack this moribund site, this silent monument to the decline and fall of Charlottesville civilization, had to take over and hack it (by the cunning method of asking for a password). Because this is the show. This is it. Here we take our stand, claim our souls, and cast out the demons of our tedium. On this Saturday night we shall come to the crossroads, in the shadow of the great magnolia, to bear witness, and let the razor winds of metal fury tear at the heavy sodden suits of our despair, rip away the polite armor of our lies, and remind us once again that when we are cut, we do bleed. Warm and red and living blood. Hallelujah.

Charlottesville knows Miami Nights. The Max Katz solo doom project that darkly blossomed into a trio of heavy, of honest heavy, no bullshit heavy– just the truth, the truth of the sound and the voice and the riffs and the rhythm. A pounding truth of Here Now Earth Roar. And the simple pleasure there. The power there. This is the music you grooved to in the womb, that Mama’s heartbeat music, if that womb was the molten core of the Earth, and Mama the whole of Creation.

Anicon and Yellow Eyes are both black metal bands from Queens. Now black metal is kind of bullshit. It follows a trickster god. It is hard to know what it is or claims to be, silly or serious, phony or sincere,  dangerous or benign, virile or neutered, Jack Daniels or Ovaltine, Viking Norway or Socialist Norway or Crypto-Lutheran Norway, lefse or lutefisk, ugly or pretty or pretty ugly or sublimely almost pretty, basement-dweller or übermensch, Shetland pony or Shetland sheepdog, mayonnaise or mustard (though certainly never ketchup), screaming or crying or just plain whining, crassly synthetic or mossily grotto-born, Alan Vega or Alan Ladd or Alan Alda or Allen wrench. This is its strength and its truth. The exultation of black metal, the liberation of black metal. And though I have never seen these two bands play, I have listened to some songs and it sounds like they are doing it right up there in Queens, what is slipping from their grasp is the real thing and no store-bought substitute . I think they can deliver, or thrillingly fail, I think this is going to be exciting. And it won’t matter if they are actually just Brooklynites, and I made up the thing about Queens to make them seem cool, because that’s part of black metal too. It’s like trying to keep up with all the atoms in a room, every one, you whir and you rush and you can’t do it and that is exactly how it is, impossible, a blur. And all the atoms are in pain.

A fish taco, a fish taco that never ends,  lutefisk wrapped in lefse, forever.

This is it. This is the show. Tonight. Magnolia. Come and bleed.




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  • 1 coogan // Nov 30, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    this is beautiful.

  • 2 davis // Dec 1, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    Alonzo is a treasure.