TONIGHT: Metal Night at the Tea Bazaar, Bask (NC) et al, 9pm, $5

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Metal night tonight at Tea Bazaar! Not really my scene so I’m just cutting and pasting from this facebook event (again doing this from a mobile device cause studio internet is out, apologies for budget layout):

Bask – “With roots in americana, stoner metal and post-rock, Bask is turning out their own brand of doom. Psychedelic, heavy, and scenic songs weave through sections of driving riffs, thundering percussion, loose grooves and glimmering guitar. All topped with vocals that conjure spirits of old country crooners. That’s all you need to know.” – Asheville Music Guide

Warm – CT experimental metal.
“…never gets stale and stays more crispy than your average played out stoner metal worship band.” – HeadbangnButtonmash

Dead Channels – NY hardcore punk.
“With their innovative guitar riffs, and melodic metal vocals within a hardcore frame, Dead Channels has made some memorable tracks. Dead Channels successfully blends hardcore and metal, without stepping into the boundaries of the atrocious genre known as “metalcore.” ” – Sweet Nothings Reviews


Show starts at 9pm, and is $5

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