TONIGHT Devon Sproule / Sally Rose – The Garage, 8pm; Night at the Aboriginal Art Museum w/ RVA’s My Darling Fury, 5pm, $5

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Tonight is the return of a former-Charlottesvillean and uber-musician, Devon Sproule. Devon was raised in Twin Oaks, out in Louisa, and lived here for many years. Devon has had a funny bifurcated existence, musically speaking. Her following in the UK is quite magnanimous–a BBC review of her 2010 Live in London starts with “Chances are none of use will ever be truly happy with our lot, especially not if contrasted with Devon Sproule’s almost idyllic existence.” Breaking out in the US has, however, been a bit more elusive. This write-up for New Yorker online might signal a change, so go see her touring for her new record tonight at the lovely setting of The Garage. Opening is local Sally Rose, a rocker of a musician, maybe playing with back-up, maybe not. Should be a great show, starts at 8pm and a tip jar is passed.

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This poster pretty much says it all, but the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection (current exhibits here) is one of two Australian Aboriginal art museums in the world. In an effort to get more people to the museum (it’s awkwardly located over in Pantops next to the new Martha Jefferson Hospital), the kids there have been putting on these evening events. Tonight features Richmond’s My Darling Fury, which seem a twee marriage of Active Child and Grizzly Bear. Free for members, $5 for non-members, starts at 5pm.

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