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Daniel Johnston // “Come See Me Tonight”



You’ve probably seen the documentary about Daniel Johnston so it’s unnecessary to describe the man so atypical, only American society could have produced him. Torn between his desire to follow God and his artistic ambition, he finally sacrificed his reason and his mental health to become an outlier hero beloved to all amateurs of cobbled together song. As he describes in his own words (in the film), he fell in love with a girl who obviously did not love him back. Most likely, subconsciously, he knew it was a lost cause, but thought he should fall in love at least once, just for the experience, so he would be able to sing about lost or unrequited love forevermore thereafter. I spent a few hours with him years ago. We were in a Five Guys, and the only real exchange that we had was his insistence that I share his fries and diet coke because I had not ordered anything. Buttoned up in his own world, none of this keeps him from giving a great concert for what was that evening a fairly thin crowd. I know nothing about this song; except that it was used in a television series, and you cannot find it on vinyl.


Ed. Note: Melody Supreme, located at 115 4th St. SE off the Downtown Mall, is Charlottesville’s best record store. The owner Gwen Berthy has impeccable taste and a curatorial hunger matched by few. One of my favorite parts of the store is Gwen’s handwritten notes on records. Le DISQUE DU LUNDI is Gwen’s online version of those recommendation gems — posted on Nailgun and available for purchase at Melody Supreme.

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