Sweet Garage Sale at the World Famous Coca-Cola Studios tomorrow (SATURDAY) 8am–?????!?!?!?!??!?

June 27th, 2014 · No Comments · By

Suite E in the old Coca Cola Building at 134 10th St. NW is the closest Charlottesville would come to an artistic flophouse. It’s the HQ for my tailoring and clothing making operation, Adam Smith‘s studio is here, as is the practice space for the Ha-Rang!, New Boss, Big Air, Sharkopath, Y’ALL, Borrowed Beams of Light, Corsair AND MORE. Tomorrow at 8am we are opening up the big bay doors and having a big ole garage sale. There has been some wild stuff accumulating in the past few years here, like the stack of amps, exercise bike and keyboards in the photo above (Select Jerry McGuire tapes will be available for perusal but serious offers only plz). In that photo, Adam is saying “SELL SELL SELL SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY I WANT TO GIVE IT ALL AWAY BUT MY WIFE WON’T LET ME SHE’S CRAZY EVERYTHING MUST GO GO GO AT A LOW LOW PRICE”

Shenanigans start at 8am and go till they finish. Claibourne from The Honey Comb (who is moving out from the front of the building) is also going to be contributing stuff. It’ll be great. Moar photos at the event page here.

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