TONIGHT super dope show at tea bazaar — Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors) – Diane Cluck – Y’ALL, $8, 9pm

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Tonight’s show has been on my “TO DO” list for weeks. Amanda did a great job lining this one up, and despite it being a touch above regular ticket prices, you should come out to see it.

It’s always unfortunate when musicians get tagged forever with a project they are not touring on, but, you know, whatever it takes to get people out to the venue. Nat Baldwin floated around in new music circles for many years before getting in the wide net that was The Dirty Projectors. That band’s line-up is more fixed today, but a few years ago it included all kinds of free floating entities–one line-up I saw in 2004 included Ezra Koenig, Wes Miles and Rastam Batmanglij–stimulating (or perhaps stimulated by) auteur David Longstreth’s incredibly deft instrumentation, electric composition style and way savvy melodic layering. Not to mention his demanding rehearsing schedule. So to say that someone has been in Dirty Projectors is a bit of shorthand to say they are real capable indie experimental musicians. Nat Baldwin performs tonight (I believe) with solo bass and vocals. He has obviously taken great notice from Longstreth’s vocal aesthetic. He also has a great understanding of the stringed instrument family, judging by his instrumentation in the track below from his recent release In the Hollows, it feels a bit more organic than Longstreth, maybe more┬áVan Dyke Parks than George Crumb (I know that’s a reach, but I’m gonna do it anyway nk) ?

The wonderful Diane Cluck also performs tonight. To see me go all fanboy about her, read this. Her show at the Garage was great, tonight will undoubtedly also be great. She said about Nat Baldwin:

And especially looking forward to it as Nat Baldwin (of acclaimed indie band Dirty Projectors) will play, too. Nat’s solo upright bass & vocal project is a musical caduceus of sorts that I adore.

[ed: <coogan is fanning himself with both hands rapidly>]

Artists Formerly Known as Invisible Hand now known as Y’ALL will be playing as well. They are real sick. They are, quite possibly, the sickest in town.

Listen, this is gonna be a real cool show. I don’t know what to say to have you go but pretend I said it.

9pm at Tea Bazaar, $8.


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