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Dorian Pimpernel / Allombon (2014)


Look no further, this is the album of the year. But don’t get too excited; few will know it and even fewer will buy it because as well as I can tell  – being a vinyl salesman – delicate pop albums are none too popular these days.  In this confusing time, when ‘recycling’ is the norm (due probably to the lack of new sound) these five musicians are proposing a revolutionary, avant-gardist read-through of big …… melody pop. It’s arguably not that new, but if like me you’re stuck on the albums of Pretty Things, Kevin Ayers, White Noise or Left Banke, you’d better listen up because I’m talking to you. The concept is ‘Moonshine Pop’ or something like the obscure side of 60s Sunshine Pop: same type of arrangement but more somber themed – like day and night.  For lovers of baroque music, of improbably discoveries like Library Music and Krautrock, flights of poetry pasted onto tacky prose, you’ve found your soul’s music, the soundtrack of your obscure side or the rough backside of your silkiest desires.




Ed. Note: Melody Supreme, located at 115 4th St. SE off the Downtown Mall, is Charlottesville’s best record store. The owner Gwen Berthy has impeccable taste and a curatorial hunger matched by few. One of my favorite parts of the store is Gwen’s handwritten notes on records. Le DISQUE DU LUNDI is Gwen’s online version of those recommendation gems — posted on Nailgun and available for purchase at Melody Supreme.


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